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Are you insured?
Yes – we are insured for up to $1 million. If your venue requires us to be insured, all we need is the contact information for your venue and we should be able to get our Certificate of Insurance (COI) to them within a week or two.

Where can I see your reviews/how can I leave a review for Citrus Ceremonies?
You can visit us on Wedding Wire, The Knot, or Borrowed & Blue to see or leave reviews for us. We love to hear what you think, so don’t be shy!

Do you travel?
Anywhere! We’ve filmed weddings as far away as Abu Dhabi and Maine, and we hope to travel even farther. We don’t charge extra for travel beyond expenses such as hotel and gas. We love traveling, so please don’t hesitate to ask us to do so for your wedding!

Can I get the raw footage?
Of course, but we have to warn you, it’s totally unedited. You’ll be seeing our feet as we run from place to place getting different shots, and the audio will be in the in-camera audio which is not always the best. If you’re going to get the raw footage, we recommend that you mute the audio and play some music you like over it. We will also give you the audio we record separately for the ceremony and toasts (and any other events you have said you wanted audio for). If you’d like us to sync that audio with the footage we charge $400 for each edit or $700 for both the toasts and ceremony. We will give you the raw footage on a hard drive which will be included in the total price of the raw footage.

Can I get you to edit a different video with my footage later?
We don’t delete your footage. You can ask us anytime for the raw footage, edits of your ceremony or the toasts, or a video highlighting a specific family member. Thinking about getting a video done for an anniversary or as a present? We’d be happy to get some more footage with you two and incorporate that footage with your wedding footage.

How many crewmembers will be at my wedding? Will Zaynah and Forrest be at my wedding?
Forrest and Zaynah want to be at every wedding we book, but we have begun taking two weddings for the same date and sending filmmakers that we are close friends with. We feel completely confident in their ability to represent us at your wedding, and they will approach your day with the same friendliness and passion as we would. We will still edit your video, and the style will be just like what you’ve seen in our past work. We usually have two crewmembers at each wedding, but if you’d like the additional coverage just let us know and we can get a third crewmember to come with us.

Do you offer 4k footage? Is it possible to pull stills from the footage?
Yes, we do offer 4k footage (super high definition footage, new standard for televisions – one step above 1080p). Let us know if this is something that you are interested in and we will include pricing for it in your proposal. One of the benefits of 4k footage is that it is much easier to pull stills from than our usual 1080p footage.
Regardless of whether you want 4k footage, we are able to pull stills from your footage. We charge $100/10 stills (these will be color corrected, and you can let us know what you’d like the stills to be of – getting ready, reception dancing, etc.)

What kind of equipment do you use?
We take pride in traveling light! Each of us has a Canon 5D Mark III and we bring an additional Canon 7D, and Zaynah has a tripod which she’ll use when she’s also recording external audio (the ceremony, toasts, etc.) That’s it! We don’t use sliders or steadicam rigs – all of our footage is handheld. We put a lot of emphasis on the human element of your video – the little bit of shake from handheld allows for this, and never detracts from your video. It also allows us more flexibility to quickly be able to move from one shot to the next.

 Do you offer special discounts?
We put together a proposal for you that is tailored to your needs. While we don’t offer discounts per se, we do take your budget into account while we create your proposal. We value our relationship with you, and we don’t want money to stand in the way of our ability to make new friends and see you get married!

How will you deliver my video or footage?
There are several different options…

Hard Drive: our preferred method of delivery for raw footage, we will either include the price of the hard drive in your total or you can give us one of your own. We will let you know how much data we have – this is different for every wedding.

Downloadable File: all of our videos that we are allowed to make public are accessible through our Vimeo account. Anyone can download your video from Vimeo.

Flash Drive: we can give you videos on a flash drive, but raw footage is best transferred via hard drive.

DVD: we can, but it will be in Standard Definition (SD). You can download the file from Vimeo or take it from your hard drive or flash drive and create a DVD on your own at any time. However, if you would like for us to burn you DVDs, we’d be happy to.

BluRay: we can burn you BluRay copies of your video – these will be in High Definition (HD).

We’re happy to deliver the video to you however is most convenient for you. We’ve found that most couples are happy to have the downloadable file that they can share with their family or on social media or watch at any time on any device.

Do you have a question we didn’t give an answer to? Email us and we’ll answer it as soon as possible!

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