About us

We are Zaynah and Forrest. We met when we were 14 years old, and have been inseparable ever since. Relationships take teamwork and honesty, and this understanding has led us to work together in Citrus Ceremonies. We’ve made it our goal to give you affordable and incredible wedding cinematography that reflects your relationship and who you are as individuals. Getting to know you is one of the best parts of doing this work, and we have made a lot of friends with the wonderful couples we work with.

Forrest Pando

Cinematographer | Editor

(written by Zaynah)
Forrest has been behind a camera since the beginning of high school and has focused consistently on narrative filmmaking. After going to Virginia Commonwealth University for Cinema, he came out of school with a camera and a lot of talent. After working as a freelance writer/director/cameraman, he decided that it was time strike out on his own. He likes to tell brides and grooms that he knew that he wanted to work on wedding videos when he couldn’t find wedding video that he liked, was affordable, and expressed who we are for our own wedding – but I think he really got passionate about wedding videos when he saw one that struck a chord with him: the bride and groom separately go to a grocery store. One picks up Oreos, the other gets milk. At the end of the video, they eat the milk and Oreos together. This is unique to their story, and the filmmakers made a film that wasn’t just about their wedding day, but that was about their relationship as a whole, too. Forrest strives to deliver a video he is proud of every time he completes a project, and his creativity, genuine and easy-going personality, and charm make him a joy to work with.

Zaynah Akeel Pando

Cinematographer | Editor

(written by Forrest)
Zaynah started out as an english major, and I was a cinema major. Through college, we were carving our own separate career paths but then, as if by fate, everything aligned and we began creating a career together. For the first year of Citrus Ceremonies, Zaynah worked countless jobs in order to support me editing wedding films until we were finally able to support ourselves through our art. That's the kind of dedication she puts into each project, and in a very quick time she has sharpened her skills as an editor and a cinematographer. She constantly challenges me to be a better craftsmen and pushes us to be the best versions of ourselves possible. Zaynah's goal on your wedding day is to make sure you are having the best time possible. Zaynah always says ''what's most important is that we value our relationship more with our couples first and foremost'', and she puts that into action. She puts the couple at ease making sure they're not taking the stress of their amazing wedding day too seriously and that they're just enjoying the moment. You can see in all the wedding films how relaxed the couples feel while on camera. I love Zaynah and I'm so proud to call her my partner in business...and in life.

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